A Prayer For Divorce To Stop

Prayer For Divorce

Prayer For Divorce

So often, when we start looking for the comforts outside our marriage and start taking it for granted, things start to fall apart. We live in a world where we are constantly distracted by the colossal luxuries and the competition to have more of it. Due to this mentality, relationships like marriage suffer the most. When we are married, it is important to give time and attention to our partner and nurture the relationship with love. But due to these issues many marriages suffer badly and end in divorce. Today we are sharing with you prayer for divorce that will help you to improve the prospects of your marriage.

If you are someone whose marriage is suffering due to the constant fights and arguments in the relationship, you might have considered taking a divorce. Well, divorce is not the solution to the relationship you invested in for years…at least without trying to make things better. We recommend you to read this prayer for divorce that will help you to increase understanding between you and your partner and will save your marriage from divorce:

“Lord, please protect my marriage from divorce. Please grant me vision to do the right things. Provide me patience to make amends for my mistakes. Lord, I know I have not been able to maintain the sanctity of the marriage. Help me to make this marriage beautiful. Bless me and my partner with love and understanding. I your name, I pray. Amen!”

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Prayer For Divorce To Stop

Prayer For Divorce To Stop
This is a prayer for divorce that you can use to restore your marriage and make reconciliation, if you wish to. If you are bent on making efforts to save your marriage from divorce this prayer for divorce to stop will help you.

Many married couples have to face the dilemma of the extramarital affairs that degrades their marriage and leads to separation. If you want to save your marriage from a divorce after repenting for your mistake, you can take the help of this prayer for divorce to stop.

“Lord, please help me to correct my mistakes. I repent for my deeds and I wish to make amends.  Lord, grant me grace. I pray that my partner forgives me for my past mistakes. Please help us restore the love and sanctity of the marriage. O lord, please bring us together and bless our marriage.”

We all know that every marriage has its problems and that is why it is important to acknowledge the issues within the marriage rather than running away from them. And this is why we have prayers as the blessings of our Lord and we cannot emphasize the importance of these prayers in our live enough. So we hope that these prayers will help you to restore your marriage because ‘Love Never Fails’ (-1 Corinthians 13:8).

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