Catholic Prayer for Husband at Work

Prayer for Husband at Work

Prayer for Husband at Work

Many wives around the world are always gripped with the fear and anxiety of their husbands at work. And it is only natural to worry, given the life conditions we live in. Not only we are always surrounded by envious people who are ever ready to hurt us but also the chronic health disease has taken the toll over our healthy life. This post is for the women who are looking for a prayer for husband at work to ensure their safety and protection at work.

We are aware of the kind of stress it puts on a wife when a husband is out at work and sometimes overseas and in the other state. This kind of situation creates more fear as no one can look after a husband like her wife. But ladies it’s time to relieve yourself of this stress and recite this prayer for husband at work that will help you to ensure that he is safe and sound.

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Prayer For Husband Work

Catholic Prayer For Husband
Recite this catholic prayer for husband at work to protect him from any danger and unforeseen difficulties:

Dear Jesus, I ask You to protect (your husband’s name) and guard him against any danger. Make him strong, shaped by Your character, so that he can rely hard on You for wisdom in any situation. Shield him by the power of Your name, and allow nothing created against him to work. Hold him near Your heart, with his eyes looking always on You. At home, work, or wherever he goes, keep his heart and thoughts positive and kind. Lead him away from temptations, and help him to always be aware of his enemy’s efforts to distract, deceive, or discourage him. Cancel every attempt to dishonor my husband or his salvation. And protect him in every situation. Amen!

If your husband is facing trouble at work of finding a job, you can recite this prayer for husband at work and ensure that your problems will be taken care of. This prayer will also help if your husband faces difficulty getting along with the colleagues at work.

Catholic Prayer For Husband

Prayer For Husband Work
This catholic prayer for husband can also be used if he suffers from chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases. This is an effective prayer to ensure the safety, wellbeing and health of the husband

Recite this catholic prayer for husband:


I pray my husband may enjoy good health and all that all may go well with him, even as his soul continues growing well. Amen!”

             (-3John 1:2)

If you are someone who is constantly worried about the health and well-being of your husband, this prayer will be very beneficial for you. You can also recommend this prayer to your friends who are also in the same dilemma. You will start noticing clear differences in the health of your husband very soon. This prayer will remove all the worries from your life and will promote healthy and happy living.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments and we would be happy to help you.

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