Prayer For Loved Ones – Prayer for Love and Peace

Prayer For Loved Ones

Prayer For Loved Ones

Our life revolves around the ones we love… be it our family, friendships, or relationships. We cherish each one of them equally and always pray for their safety and happiness. These are troubled times that we live in where we do not know what might happen next and what the future holds. This fear grips us in the terror and we are always worried about our loved ones. This is why we are sharing with you a prayer for loved ones that you can recite to always ensure their protection.

You can recite this prayer for loved ones to protect them from any health issues, unforeseen accidents, and difficulties of life. These days we are always worried about the calamity that might befall upon us and our loved ones if we are not careful enough. This prayer for loved ones will always be there as your savior and will shield you against any harm from anyone.

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Prayer for Love and Peace

Prayer for Love and Peace
Chant this prayer for loved ones if you are afraid that your enemies are trying to harm you and your family:

Om Maha-Devyai Cha Vidmahey

Durgaayaaii Cha Dhimaahee

Thaanno Dheeveey Prachodayath.

You can recite this prayer for loved ones in front of the idol of Durga Mata and pray for the protection of your loved ones.

We are also sharing a miracle prayer for love that you can use to transform someone’s heart and fill it with love and desire. So often we land up in such situations with our partner, friends, and relatives in general where the relationship starts souring due to misunderstandings and conflicts. If you are someone who is also struggling with such relationships in your life and want to make amends, you can use this miracle prayer for love and transform the relationships:

Om Aem Hrreem Klleem Chaamundaya

Vashyam Kuruu Kuruu Swahaaa

Recite this miracle prayer for love and friendship 108 times on any rosary and pray for the harmonious and loving relationships. If you perform this prayer for love and peace with convictions and positive intent you will start getting results very soon. Just try to visualize the person you wish to improve the relationship with and things will work out. If you are using this mantra to attract someone in your life or change their heart for you, make sure your intentions are pure.

Miracle Prayer For Love

Miracle Prayer For Love
This prayer for love and peace has been used for ages to develop harmonious relations among the people. However, there are times in life when our home seems chaotic and we do not find peace anywhere. This prayer for love and peace will light up your life and home with hope and peace:

Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam

Urvarukam Iva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat

You can also recite “Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:” after this prayer to ensure and maintain the flow of calm and peace around the house.

Recite this prayer of love and peace and you will start feeling the peaceful and content energy around the house. This prayer for love and peace is very healing and can be used by anyone without any doubt.

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