Prayer For New Marriage Couples – Prayer For Good Marriage

prayer for good marriage

Prayer For New Marriage

A marriage is a beautiful relationship that is endowed by God in our life. If you are someone who is about to get married or are wishing to get married then reading the prayer for new marriage is the best idea. You can use the prayer for good marriage and ensure that your life partner is perfect and the event happens without any fuss. Many people are afraid to commit to the marriage as there is much insecurity around the relationship and marriage but the prayer for new marriage will dilute all fears and replace them with hope.prayer for marriage

This prayer for new marriage is for the ones who are wishing to get married but are facing obstacles on every path. If the challenges in life and the trauma of the past relationship are holding you back to commit to the new relationships, you must read the prayer for good marriage. This prayer will help you to attract the right life partner and will guide your step towards the right person.  A marriage is a major decision of life and should be taken with a lot of concern and this prayer for new couples is the best way to ask Lord to give you the best life partner.

Prayer For Good Marriage

You can also read the prayer for new marriage if you are getting married soon. You can ensure the success and accomplishment of the event with the help of the prayer for good marriage. As this prayer for new couples has the power to bless the couples and eradicate conflicts from the path of the marriage you should read it daily. This will help you to maintain a beautiful relationship with your partner and will also decrease and chances of mishaps in the marriage.prayer for new couples

Everyone wants to spend their life with the one they desire so if you also have someone in your life with whom you want to spend your life the prayers for new marriage will be the best solution for you. Sometimes marrying the one you want also comes with the obstacles of getting approval from the family and relatives.

Prayer For New Couples

With time if the marriage is delayed it creates the chaos in the relationship as well. So reading the prayers for new couples can help you maintain the harmony in the relationship while at the same time making sure that there are no issues in the path of the marriage.

Prayers for new marriage is given below as:

Dear Father in heaven, as I lay my hope for the future in You, I ask You to guide me to the right path. Help me to see the right path and bless this marriage. May we always be there for each other in every phase of life! May we be forgiving, loving and caring towards each other! May we never see distances and always be under Your protective wing. Please lead us in your light towards what is best for us and make this event a success with Your blessings. I thank thee for always being kind to me. Amen!

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